Saturday, March 21, 2009

Been a while...crazy couple of are some "fun" pics...someday I will have the time to get out and go shooting some real mom first (does she look 70?)...our cat Moshe sunning on the table that he is not supposed to be on...the huge sourdough hamburger (how was I supposed to bite that thing?)...and Moshe in the worst sleeping positon ever.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Wild Boy

Our awesome cat Moshe...

Best Dog Ever

Maggie is so cute...

I took these last night as she was laying in her favorite spot with her favorite toy...(The Vet)

Kleenex, Gatorade, and boredom...

I have been stuck in the house the past several days with 2 sick fun.

My days have been filled with meeting their every call, knock, and need.

You can tell by Kami's eyes and bed terrible she feels. Poor baby.

And Jenna...well, this picture says it bed with kleenex.

Jenna seemed to be feeling a tad better yesterday, only to be worse again today.